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To take advantage of all LARB has to offer, please create an account or log in before joining There is less than a week left to support our matching grant fund drive! Your tax-deductible donation made to LARB by pm, December 31, will be doubled thanks to an anonymous donor. The sly reference strikes twice. It evokes lost innocence and nostalgia for another age. Then drives a letter-opener through their heart. After his once formidable output dried to a trickle, the New York Critic ranked Hale the 11th-greatest living American author.

His dozens of books spanning fiction, history, criticism, and blueprints for social change were in heavy print during his life and for decades after. Various editions in book form anchored millions of home libraries, and it became a staple of stage, radio, and film. It did this by first softening them up. For others, it was a genuine masterwork of the form. Time has since made mincemeat of these assessments. One hundred fifty years later, this story about extralegal persecution, on a floating black site, has a strange relevance that could not have been imagined by its author, who deserves remembering for contributions that went well beyond his light fiction.

The idea of a man banished from his native land came to him during a youthful bout of homesickness in a Philadelphia hotel in the early s. Hale had more reason to be homesick than most.

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His father, Nathan Hale, son of the Revolutionary War hero of the same name, edited the Boston Daily Advertiser , where he pioneered the phenomenon of the unsigned leader. His maternal uncle, Edward Everett, after whom he was named, was minister of the Brattle Street Church. Another uncle, Alexander, was US minister to China. Among the many frequent dinner guests at the Hale house was Daniel Webster.

Admitted early to Harvard, he gained a reputation as a cutting wit. In later years the two men would become close friends. In the years after graduating from Harvard, Hale struggled with the decision to enter the clergy.

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He wanted to be a novelist anticipating his maternal in-law Harriet Beecher Stowe but there were social expectations, and a Unitarian ministry was seen as a compromise that would allow for a life of letters on the side. It was with relief that in his early 20s Hale had a mystical experience that finally settled the matter with his conscience.

In the s, these projects increasingly merged with abolition and then the Union cause. Hale was involved in local immigrant aid work when Congress passed the Kansas—Nebraska Act in , nullifying the Missouri Compromise and threatening to tilt the political balance in favor of slave states.

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But Hale contacted him immediately — having already struck on the same idea for Texas and written a pamphlet, How to Conquer Texas — and shared his plan for the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society, which signed up Abolitionist emigrants in Boston to settle the Midwest. Nolan suffered disproportionately for a youthful, impetuous act. As for Clement Vallandigham: After stays in North Carolina, Virginia, and Bermuda, he ended up in Canada, where he ran in absentia for governor of Ohio, won the Democratic nomination, and then lost the general election.

He died in an Ohio hotel room on June 17, , at the age of 50, when he accidentally shot himself. Vallandigham is buried in Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in Dayton.

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The rich history, and intense American-ness, of the portable coffee cup. What a playfully arbitrary debate says about American historical memory. News in Brief. Social Justice.

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Legends are not usually true. British informal a pantomime for children. Stories can be imaginary , traditional , or true. British informal something that someone tells you that sounds so exciting, dangerous, unpleasant etc that you do not believe it is true. The American word is tall tale.

British a play written for two actors.