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Hypnotic presence. Blindingly gorgeous. Not this lawyer! So what? Until he loses his passport….

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Warning: this Kindle-melting book has explicit, sexy scenes. Someone wants Lana dead, and keeping her out of his bed might be harder than keeping her alive. Griffeth and more! This thirteen-story collection, featuring work by national and international bestselling and award-winning authors, offers the best in western fiction. A lifetime of secrecy and safety is shattered the night Elidi is attacked.

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Her savior is a dangerous creature who claims to be sent by fate itself. David is keeping a big secret from everyone he knows. An old travel journal. A road trip in a temperamental red car. When the two childhood friends reunite, emotions re-ignite. But when the bubble bursts and secrets come out, will their love be strong enough?

But when her past returns and her worst fears are confirmed, can he? A touching love story. Flower shop owner Flora is about to find out. Good and lighthearted reading! Although reluctant to trust each other, Emma and Andrej find themselves drawn together in a world torn apart by war. Bounty hunters are closing in. Her fight for his love soon turns into a fight for his life. Can she persuade him to trust her?

Until a vicious sociopath and her haunted past threaten it all.

But instead of the quiet getaway she planned, she meets Wells, a cute charity worker, and Jamila, an incognito celebrity who wants to pay Liv a lot of money to pretend to be her rehab nurse for the week. A standalone romantic comedy set in the Caribbean. Despite her frail constitution, Thea Kent yearns to live a passionate life. Desire blooms between her and Gabriel, the enigmatic Marquess of Tremont.

From the start, Kristine underestimates the power of the caring, mysterious Rand. Second chance story.

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This book has never been discounted before. Can Ella protect her business and her heart? If she knew I robbed banks, she might run. Worst part? She keeps our baby a secret. Dark Hunter. Our paths crossed. Our fates are sealed. And evil is coming. Ariana Harmon ignites something inside of me, driving my inner beast insane. Find out what lurks in the shadows of Dark Hunter, the latest dark paranormal hit series by Ava K Michaels. There is only one problem — she is about to become engaged to his nephew to secure a business deal.

Considering the engagement and merger were his idea, Drew should stay away, but the whole situation is going to hell quickly as Drew finds it impossible to fight his feelings for Annie…. And it all seems to be connected to the one person he holds new-found affection for — soft-spoken maid, Celeste Singer…. Can a banker, dealing with the ghosts of his past and the pressures of keeping up appearances, deal with a headstrong woman?

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When Mrs. Then the young co-ed discovers that the Baumgartners have wayward plans for their nanny that are going to lead places she could only have imagined.

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Swearing one another to secrecy, life goes on. Unfortunately, that means two separate lives in two different countries. What happens when fate brings us back together? Forbidden romance gets a second chance at happy ever after.

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Crowne: Seven sexy firemen and the lucky ladies who capture their hearts. Included in this box set is a steamy reverse harem with four hot firemen and one VERY lucky lady. When I end up needing Reid more than ever, can I trust him with my life? And my heart? Everything about Daniel Glass is dangerous. And worst of all… Intensely desirable. And just when I thought I was over him, he stormed back into my life.

Immortal guardians Sam, Brendan, Liam, and Murphy must find the true queen whose magic will protect their world. But Abby could unknowingly harbor dark and dangerous sorcery…. Book 1 in a Regency historical romance series. Three books in one bundle, each romance filled with magical romance and laced with a dash of humor. Her boss.

The Viking in a suit. Hale brings all the feels. His new wife, Pearl, the wealthy daughter of a manufacturer, devotes herself to the suffrage movement. As the vendetta between the Wagners and the Paytons is reignited, the town prepares for yet another war. With a terrible storm brewing extremely close to them, Olivia and Marc Olivia must set their differences aside or risk losing each other, forever.

I liked it. A lot. Can he trust Vivi enough to learn to love again? Get your hands on this opposites-attract tattoo romance today. I need her. Beautiful, wild, strong-willed and offbeat. Nicky tries to fend me off with her sassy attitude, but her attempts are futile. I can see the twisted little thing she really is.