Manual Roaring Drunk: An Idiots Guide on becoming an Alcoholic

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Need a private space to sleep it off? This mod remodels the upper floor of the inn to include a larger balcony, more bedrooms, and a private bedroom for your character to rent for the night.

There's no way something called "rotmeth" could be bad for you, right? New Gnisis Cornerclub - Grand Reopening - Overhauls the Cornerclub to actually look like a bar - more decor, more alcohol, more Dunmer flair, and even shrines to the Three. Friendlier Taverns and Friendlier Taverns with Baths - Overhauls the vanilla inns for more variety, more room, crafting stations, private bedrooms, and other upgrades dependent on the location.

Also see: Expanded Towns and Cities for inn overhauls. You wouldn't want anyone to mistake you for an honest adventurer, would you? Iron Tankard - An iron tankard that can be used as a mace.

The Alcoholic's Guide to Skyrim

Has the same stats and animation as a mace and benefits from any perks that affect maces. An appropriate starting weapon for the novice inebriate. Master of Weapons - Turns an assortment of clutter into weapons you can wield. The tankard, mead bottle, and wine bottle may be relevant to your interests. Broken Bottle Weapon - Adds a broken glass bottle that can be wielded to Whiterun.

Looks like it might have sword animation for slashing. Cannot be upgraded, but neither can the face of any guy you hit with it. Mead Keg Backpack - A mod that helps you keep your priorities straight. Hip Bags - Waist slot options ranging from a bottle of wine, to a booze keg, to a small crate full of mead. Pair with the Mead Keg Backpack to instantly become the life of any party. Knapsack Enhanced for Campfire - A well-worn pack that displays your trusty tankard and ever present bottle of the nectar of the Divines. Bandolier - Dawnguard - A tasteful hip flask for the more fashion-savvy alcoholic.

Get Drunk - Drinking vanilla alcohol will cause visual effects and stumbling - no blackout. Drunkness - Based on the above mod, but adds support for DLC drinks. Skyhighrim - Craftable Drugs - Alcohol - Drunk FX - Primarily a drug-oriented mod, but also adds alcohol crafting and drunken visual effects. User notes indicate the effects may be disappointingly short-lived. Real Complications.

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Realistic Needs and Diseases 2. There is no blackout mechanic as yet. There are accompanying visual effects that can be disabled via the config menu. Alcohol Drunk Effect - Another drunk visual effect mod with something extra.

Addiction & Recovery (Non-Fiction Books Only)

Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life plus Death Alternative - Captured - When breakfast is a pint of ale, 3 bottles of mead, and a squishy tomato, the rest of the day may not always go your way. This mod makes things very interesting when things get out of hand. Where you wind up depends on where your mishap occurred and who else was in the area at the time. Survive the Night - A possibility for someone on the ragged edge.

Turns nighttime into a terrifying experience fraught with fear and hysteria. You must seek out light sources or be overwhelmed by your night terrors.

Andrew Flintoff: Drinking turns me into an idiot... I can’t have just one or two

The biggest drawback is that it disables your menu when night falls. Running is your only option. Best used for a short period of time to illustrate the effects of rock bottom maximum toxicity or to make a withdrawal period nightmarish if you attempt to sober up for good. For now, enjoy the simple police harassment dynamic of the mod. Drinking Contest - Here begins the slippery slope of mixing alcohol with gambling. This mod lets you challenge other NPCs to drink against you and win or lose gold.

I'm out gold. Thanks for the laugh. How strange you want your adventures to be is up to you. Is this really happening?

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Why am I wearing a maid costume? The obvious: Daedric dealings are a grab bag of what-the-fuckery and bizarre happenings far left of normal Talking animals? Intelligent inanimate objects? Flying household items? Of course all that happened Uh huh, sure it did I believe you, friend.

Listen to this dog!

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A Night to Remember - Aw, come on, baby Oh shit…. Ill Met By Moonlight - Why is this sorta see-through deer dude talking to me? Why is everything red? Pieces of the Past - Let me get this straight, you're a cheerleader for the Mehrunes Dagons? Didn't they almost make a huge comeback last season? Put me inside of it? The Cursed Tribe - Damn this Orc stuff is pretty intense. I feel like I could take on a giant. Why is this chieftain guy being such a dick? The House of Horrors - Why is everything moving? I need to get off this ride.

The Mind of Madness - I could really go for some fishsticks right about now. The Only Cure - Hi folks; sorry to bother you, but a giant glowing blue skeever told me I have to kill your messiah to win a prize. The Taste of Death - So the problem with your catacombs was this weird chick. She was pretty hot. The Whispering Door - Psst Sounds legit.

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Most of these fall into the categories of weird interactions, bizarre otherworldly stuff, horror, or all of the above. At the heart of the drunken playthrough is going about your daily thing and suddenly taking a sharp turn into the uncanny. Again, this is a just a bit of inspiration for directions you could take your drunken playthrough.

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Support the efforts of Ilmaasi, tenebrous fragment of the shattered Mnumbrial of the Y Sign who has certain plans with Nirn, or join up with Astetu, luminous child of Scintil of the Blend Sign to stop Ilmaasi. Your choice will shape the future of Nirn! Make sure you are in the wilderness of Skyrim and at least character level 3. Soon after you will have a fateful encounter with a crazy Khajiit… Lore-friendly adventures that surely have nothing to do with your brain being pickled await you. Do you help them? I think we both know the answer here. Reading the book transports you to The Void, where a velvet-voiced stranger has been looking for someone to indulge his voyeur fantasies.

The Shadow of Meresis - A body near Solitude bears a curious amulet that you feel compelled to try on. Blacking out, you awaken days later far away to find yourself at the heart of a hallucinatory trip, or could it all be real? Clockwork Castle - A landslide reveals a door.