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Adrian becomes the firm hand Alenxander needs, but he is not a dominant figure, far from it. Both Adrian than Alexander are simple gay guys in a very normal world, and in the end, even the superhero's ventures of Alexander are only actions that every man or woman should be doing in a good world. The story is sweet and romantic, almost tender. There is always caustic touch of G. Hauser, in the supporting characters of Alexander's mother, of his two female colleague and a bit also in Adrian's friends, but it's diluted, not so strong like in other books. There is also a nice cameo appearance of Ian and Scott from The Kiss.

People are forever getting into trouble around Alexander Parker. For the painfully shy Alexander, being a hero is easy but having people make a big deal about it is hard. When he impulsively puts on a copy of a Corinthian warrior helmet, Alexander finds a solution to his problems. He turns himself into a real life superhero, secret identity and all. Adrian is everything you could wish for in a hero — sexy, intelligent, and loving.

I adored watching Adrian pull him out of his shell as the two fell in love. They were a bit over-the-top and frustrated me with their harassment of Alexander. The plot moves at a quick clip and both heroes are gorgeous, likeable, and kind. What more could you ask for?

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Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed. Fun story - I liked the fact that it's not actually a paranormal; the "special power" of the helmet is the courage that Alexander musters up when he realizes nobody can recognize him as the painfully shy, virginal museum employee. Adrian is sweet and understanding, although he's a bit alarmed with his new boyfriend's uncanny ability to be where disaster strikes. Both characters had the potential to become sort of cartoony, but I found them sort of adorable.

Meet the real John Rambo: the incredible life of PTSD-ravaged war hero Audie Murphy

I really enjoyed this book. I really like Alexander. I can realte to the shy geek in him a bit. I think this book was well written. I have read several of G. Hauser's books and really enjoy her style. Dan Molloy rated it liked it May 22, Iavenger rated it really liked it Dec 03, Shellz rated it did not like it Jul 03, Sylvia rated it liked it May 26, Popcorn rated it liked it Oct 10, Gabrien rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Artemis rated it it was ok Jan 13, Sarah rated it it was amazing Dec 05, Avidreader rated it liked it Mar 27, AyoDollFace rated it it was ok Jun 22, Teresa rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Lexi Ander rated it liked it Sep 12, Johanna rated it it was amazing Jan 12, Kim rated it it was amazing Jun 27, SiKReviews rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Lexi Ander rated it liked it Jul 21, This list does not include several campaign medals, bars, badges, and civilian awards he also received.

Most people who had met him said he seemed decent and likable. He was accepted into the Army ten days after his 17th Birthday on June 30, , although to get in he had to falsify his age since in the United States at that time the minimum enlistment age was eighteen. During Army basic training, he qualified as a rifle marksman and became an expert with a bayonet.

At the beginning of , he was shipped out to Europe where he first took part in the invasion of Italy and then, later in , he saw action in France.

Although he was wounded several times and also had two bouts of malaria that hospitalized him, he continued to return to service again and again. By this point, he had received numerous medals and awards and had reached the rank of Platoon Sergeant. Then, in January , came his most famous heroic moment for which he was to receive the Medal of Honor.

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Murphy single-handedly held up an advancing German force by firing at them with his carbine while calling in artillery support by radio. With complete disregard for his own safety, he instructed the artillery to fire directly on his position. At one stage, he stood on top of a crippled US M10 tank destroyer which was ablaze while firing its.

This heroism went on for over an hour even though he was badly wounded in the leg. He is reckoned to have killed or wounded around 50 German soldiers. He then led his squad in a successful counterattack that pushed back the Germans. He ended the war as a 1 st Lieutenant. After attending many parades, banquets, and speeches across the United States in his honor, he left the Army having received every U. For the next few years, he was involved in training new recruits in the Texas National Guard, in which he was now a captain. It was during this time that the actor and producer James Cagney famous for his roles in gangster movies showed an interest in developing Murphy as an actor.

But it all came to nothing after a falling out between the two in Deze scene is zo weggelopen uit The Mummy.

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    When a genuine American hero becomes a star — Audie Murphy’s ‘To Hell and Back’

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