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This imaginative mirror artist and graphic designer extraordinaire has been so prodigious in his output he deserves another look.

The Circles Mirror is made up of overlapping circles with each circle hooked up to its own servomotor. When operating, the servos move the individual circles to expose varying patterns of light and dark shades.

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  • Comment ils se sont enrichis grâce à la location saisonnière: Faites comme eux ! (French Edition).
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The overall effect has to be seen to be believed, so here goes:. Ever wonder how you measure up against the rich and famous?

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Wonder no longer, the Who Tall Are You? Designed by Ismaril Wells, this unique mirror leads off with Peter the Great and makes good reading: who knew Barry White stood taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger? Made from lightweight acrylic and shipped with mounting tacks, these offbeat mirrors measure 12 by 16 inches and are good for a laugh as well as a look. That being said, maybe a Raindrop Mirror will add a burst of stardom to your room.

Reflections on Terrence Malicks ‘The Tree of Life’ with Peter Leithart

Bathrooms are places one wants warmth and reflection yet space is often at a premium. Available in a range of sizes up to the inch by The mirror mounts to the wall via a single attachment point: a chrome-plated metal cylinder. The Surf Mirror is meant to evoke the organic, lens-shaped form of a classic sixties surfboard. It even has a wood frame and the smaller, hallway version comes with a center mounted shelf for keys, Tiki mugs, beach-combing finds and whatnot. Designed by M.

Perego for Porada , the Surf Mirror manages to recall the past while maintaining a sleek, ultramodern look. Even better — it is always delivered on time, with a friendly smile.

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Its like meeting up with and old friend every day". The girls feel like family and are always cheerful and very helpful. In fact we feel spoilt at times. Highly recommend the lovely food and coffee.

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