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Captain Isaac Emerson, the inventor of the headache remedy Bromo Seltzer and builder of the Bromo Seltzer Tower, had a genuine interest in the City of Baltimore as one of his contemporaries noted, " Designed by Seth Thomas in , it was the largest four-dial gravity-driven non-chiming clock in the world. A full restoration of the clock was completed in XXIV-I book. XXIV-7 2 book. XXIV-6 book. XXIV-5 2 book.

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Another CORRUPT Baltimore Mayor - Catherine Pugh - Bites The Dust!

III book. II book. The trial of the remaining two, when it started in January , offered daily revelations of brazen amorality. And there was the extremity of their fraudulent overtime, many tens of thousands of dollars for each — they were being paid while at the beach, while spending weeks doing exurban home renovations — all of it draining the treasury of a city where, as the trial was taking place, thousands of children were shivering in unheated classrooms.

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Some officers had been lining their pockets for years, but their activities became a true conspiracy amid the chaos of , as commanders were so desperate to stem the violence that they gave them free rein. After the trial concluded, a dozen officers gathered at headquarters for a focus group, convened by the department to solicit their input on new policies stemming from the consent decree, on which they were to start receiving training in But the officers had no interest in talking about the decree, according to one participant.

Instead, they vented about the impossibility of doing their job in a department in meltdown. The officers were also angry about the lack of resources and equipment. They fumed over the conflicting orders they received. In January , Pugh replaced Kevin Davis with a new commissioner, Darryl De Sousa, but De Sousa resigned five months later after federal prosecutors charged him with failing to file tax returns for three recent years. The interim commissioner, Gary Tuggle, had barely stepped into the revolving door of leadership when he found himself facing fresh crises: an officer who quit after being caught on video pummeling a man on the sidewalk, another found passed out drunk in his patrol car, a top commander who quit after throwing a chair against a wall during an argument at Police Headquarters.

And then there was the stunning conclusion of the independent review panel investigating the death of Detective Suiter: He had most likely committed suicide in the vacant lot and made it look like a cop-killing, the panel ruled in August. The investigators believed his suicide was possibly due to his ties to the corruption case.

On a hot day in mid-August, several dozen city officials, police officers and commanders gathered at a bedraggled shopping plaza in the Highlandtown section of southeast Baltimore for one of the regular neighborhood walks that Mayor Pugh was conducting in her effort to exude a sense of authority. The mass of suits and uniforms did a slow circuit of a few blocks of rowhouses, trailing behind Pugh. A neighborhood leader pointed out problem spots: a dark block where prostitutes congregated, a bus stop in front of a liquor store that allowed loiterers to claim they were waiting for the bus, piles of trash.

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  5. She expressed particular displeasure over the trash bags that had been piled into containers in advance of pickup day. Two weeks later, I met Pugh in her office in City Hall. The month was on its way to ending with 30 homicides, almost one per day. But when I started to ask her about the surge in violence since , she cut me off. Pugh looked down at an iPad, swiping through crime-data summaries.

    In October of last year, when I created the Violence Reduction Initiative, the following month, November, we dropped by almost 18 percent. We dropped again in December, in January, in February. There were 17 homicides in a single week in late September. The year would end with homicides — the fourth straight year above It was the early s all over again — or even worse, considering that the city was now registering comparable numbers despite having , fewer people living in it.

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    It was an intriguing development, given how outspoken Barksdale had been in his criticisms of current department leadership and of the consent decree to which the city had committed itself. When I met with him a second time a couple of months earlier, in October, he told me he did not doubt the need for reform; he was mortified that some of the corrupt officers had come from the plainclothes teams he created. But he was worried that things had gone too far.

    He was hearing from his former colleagues that loiterers were already reciting the limits it imposed on the officers to them on patrol, mockingly. I had heard similar reports from a community activist who favored the decree. Now who has the control? They have control. As he began his walk toward home, a purple Volvo S. He heard the locks click open.

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    As he ran, he heard a shout, then a gunshot. He called his own ambulance. Mayor Pugh visited him in the hospital several times.