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How about some tea? Come on. Go faster. How much faster do you want? Eu trabalho de 18 a 20 horas por dia. Sem nenhum desvio. Eu sou o presidente. Eu mesmo. De Roma. Essas carteiras, bolsas Eu te incomodo tanto assim? Estou vendo. Tirem suas motos. Eu estou aqui, certo Senhor Singham Vamos resolver esse assunto dando e recebendo. Por favor nos perdoe! Sim, Daya. Eu juro, que o farei sofrer. Sem desvios. Podemos ir? Are you having a flashback?

He's lied already! He didn't tell us about any of this crud before we got here! He doesn't need it. We're buying a Something valuable. You know him? He's sick.

Camped out in the executive washroom since lunchtime. And on more things than one! No, no, no, no, asleep, maybe, dead, that's-- you're getting ahead of yourself. Okay, okay, okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you guys! We're not here to see your weird zoo of death. Here for August? Estamos comprando uma Uma coisa valiosa. The armored plates? An active, strident and social creature. Particularly territorial during breeding season. He will be missed.

Not a good sense of humor. Let's just get through it. Aren't I trying? As a joke, you know? Com as placas blindadas?

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Uma criatura ativa, estridente e social. Sem senso de humor. Vamos logo passar por isso. Como uma piada, sabe? I guess I dunno.


It's no big deal. He's kind of a jerk. Eu acho You don't know how to differentiate the typical, everyday moments in your life from the opportunities sent by the Universe herself, prostrated, begging to be conquered. I think things are square. You were there. What happened. Give me a break, that's what- look, I'm the one talking here, I have talking rights.

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I need Just-- what's your frickin' problem, man! Don't-- we have the money, c'mon, just give it! It's complicated.

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Are you going to die asking yourself [beat, then quietly] What if Say you are the winner who is going to sell this Vault Key right now, enjoy the spoils of success, and go to his grave knowing the glory of triumph! There are three of us. Enough, okay? Sixty percent? It's about us gettin' gone. Would you shoot that face?

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Just walk in? I know. He'll listen to anything I say. Make sure it works.

Vídeo de Casamento: Portugal (Aveiro)

Calm down. Pandoran Swindler. How reassuring. I'm very good -- [gets cut off] at my job.

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Sessenta porcento? Se trata da gente ir embora.

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  • Eu sou muito boa -- [gets cut off] no meu trabalho.